Monday, March 29, 2010

Success Begins with the Knock of Opportunity

In a home too cramped for our growing family, in a relationship where neither of us understood the other, in a time of increasing responsibilities and decreasing hope, in a desperate move to keep my baseball cards, Laurie and I started our Networking business.  Can there be a more bizarre beginning to a destiny changing day?  Your story is different in the details, but alike in the life-changing opportunity presented to you.  Networking provides people the opportunity to take control of their futures and no longer swim with the current of the times.  There are only 3 steps to master to accomplish nearly any goal or dream that you can imagine through the power of the of Networking:  

1. Define 
2. Learn 
3. Do
Orrin recently posted the foregoing in a new article on his Leadership Blog.  The description of the moment opportunity presented itself to us is unique for each and yet the same for all. It probably happened when we least expected it but most needed it (admittedly so or not).  No matter what the circumstances, the only thing that really matters is what we did with that moment of destiny.  Did we simply miss the call, letting it pass as some inconsequential meaningless tick of a clock like so many others before; or did we hear the knock and even turn to see what may be there but refuse to answer, ignoring the call of a chance at better in our lives, a chance to perhaps change our circumstances; or maybe we opened the door, peered across the horizon, stepping out to test the waters only to turn back to our perceived (dis)comfort and (in)security; or maybe, just maybe, we jumped... not really knowing or understanding much, more faith than anything- Faith in the belief that there had to be something, just enough faith, in the possibility of something more out there to move us out of our comfort zone and attempt it, to explore the possibilities of what might be.  It happens when the 'what if I don't try and succeed' in the back of our minds becomes just a little stronger than the 'what if I do and fail' that kept us from trying before.  It's a liberating moment when we catch a glimpse of what belief in ourselves can do.  

This is the feeling, the belief, the confidence, that the Team System has been providing people for years.  It's the 'just enough' to attempt what we would absolutely attempt if we knew we could not fail.  For a complete rendition of the rest of the story that Orrin begins in the very 1st sentence above, it is all told in the first-person by the players themselves right here:  Baseball Cards and the US Ski Team.  You can also pick it up as one part of some of the greatest personal success stories of all time in the Additional Information Pack.

Orrin's entire article above can also be read here: