Thursday, August 25, 2005

Laurie Woodward Launching the Leadership Revolution

The LLR staff had the opportunity to sit down with Laurie Woodward for some one-on-one questions about her life with Orrin Woodward. Laurie was a former accountant who is a beautiful mother of four healthy children, home-school teacher for her kids, the leader of the Team ladies, and a major component of the success achieved by Orrin and Laurie Woodward.

LLR: You have been married to Orrin for over 13 years now. Has he always been such an achievement-oriented person?

Laurie Woodward: When I first met Orrin, one of the things that struck me was how he was willing to go against the crowd. Orrin didn’t follow popular opinion to determine what he would do and that attracted me because I am the same way.

LLR: You had some trouble early in your marriage. What were some of the things you had to work through to make your marriage work?

Laurie Woodward: Orrin has a saying, “Anything with two heads is a freak,” and both of us were attempting to run our house. We both had lived independently and we had a hard time learning to live interdependently. Both of us lead in situations, but now we know which areas he should lead and which ones I should lead.

LLR: When did you realize that the two of you could build a great leadership team?

Laurie Woodward: When we went to Atlanta for a major function and saw over 70,000 people in the Atlanta Dome, I knew Orrin was going to do this. He kept looking around the stadium and telling me we would have the same thing. I had been married to Orrin long enough to know that he doesn’t say something that he is not planning on doing.

LLR: Were you excited about having a big team, as well?

Laurie Woodward: At first I was scared. I thought, "how are we going to be able to handle that many people?" However, I believed in Orrin and also knew that I would do whatever it took to help him. We were working together and as the saying goes; "together everyone achieves more." Orrin and I see opportunities in every problem, whereas many people see problems in every opportunity. We were not fast when we first got started, but we were steady and improved daily. That is the key: to get up every day and get better than you were the day before.

LLR: Did your families think you were crazy?

Laurie Woodward: Of course! They could not understand why an accountant and engineer would build such an unconventional business. Orrin and I had unconventional dreams and knew we could not obtain them by doing what everyone else was doing. If you want different results, you must do different things. Our family is now among our biggest supporters and many have joined the Team, but it did not start out that way. Orrin has a saying, “People of integrity expect to be believed and when they are not, they let time prove them right.” Many times when we were going through struggles, we would say this to each other.

LLR: What did you think of Orrin and Chris’s new book?

Laurie Woodward: I was so happy to hear they were finally working on the project. I have had the privilege of listening to the wisdom of my husband and Chris over the years, but now to have it in book-form will help many others achieve success. When I received my copy of Launching the Leadership Revolution, I stayed up past four in the morning to finish it. I was so challenged by the material that I could not put the book down. Anyone wishing to achieve more in life must become stronger at leadership. In my opinion, there is no better book to start that leadership journey than Launching the Leadership Revolution.

LLR: What do you see in your future?

Laurie Woodward: We feel our business is our calling. This is the vehicle we are using to serve our Maker. We have been blessed in so many ways through this business and are on our way to building a community of 1 million people. The reason I believe it is because Orrin said it would happen. Again, the thing I have learned about Orrin is that if he says he is going to do something, then he is going to do it. The only question is, who will be on this leadership journey to 1 million people with us? I'll tell you one thing, you can count me in!

LLR: Laurie, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to share today.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

George Guzzardo & Launching the Leadership Revolution

The LLR staff tracked down international traveler George Guzzardo for some insights into what makes this super achiever tick. George and his beautiful wife Jill have two houses one in Wisconsin and the other in Michigan. George & Jill have built one of the larger businesses on the Team and have revolutionized their financial position. George previously was a physical therapist and Jill was a registered nurse, but now both are full time in their own Team business.

LLR: You have accomplished great things in this business. Were you always a high achiever?

George Guzzardo: I almost flunked out of high school. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart, but I was always getting distracted into trouble. It wasn’t until I had bounced around for a while that I got serious and after some work finally qualified for college.

LLR: What would you account for your financial independence today?

George Guzzardo: That is an easy one. When I met Orrin Woodward he was no more financially successful than I was, but after seeing his lifestyle change I decided he wasn’t going there alone. I had to listen to many CD’s and read many books to get my thinking right, but for the rewards I have today I would do twice as much work for half as much a financial reward.

LLR: It doesn’t sound like things were easy for you. How did you handle the setbacks?

George Guzzardo: It wasn’t always easy, but nothing great is achieved in life easy. We made many mistakes and had many people tell us we would never make it. I just stayed focused on where we were going and was honest enough to admit that I didn’t have any alternatives to getting out of my job. The more people told me I couldn’t do this, the more stubborn I became to prove them wrong.

LLR: What are some of the rewards you have enjoyed in this business?

George Guzzardo: First, Jill and I became Christians in this business. Second, we have been blessed with many wonderful friends in this business who will be friends for life. Third, we paid off a mountain of debt and now enjoy a cash lifestyle. Fourth, the mentorship we have through Orrin and Laurie Woodward. If I could wrap up just one day of freedom and give it to anyone willing to accept responsibility, they would never be satisfied with their job again.

LLR: Where do you see the Team going?

George Guzzardo: We as a Team want to help people accept responsibility for the situations and learn the tools to change their lives. I see the Team playing a part in the restoration of American values and people taking pride again in the leaders of our great country. I have decided to play my part in making a difference and show this plan in the hope of helping others change their lives like this business has changed ours.

LLR: How did you get your amazing vision?

George Guzzardo: I hung around the Team leaders who have incredible vision. I began reading enthusiastically when I realized that reading would help me expand my thinking like it had for them. I read more books in a month now than I used to in several years. If you will discipline yourself to do the uncomfortable things today, you will live comfortably with your results in the future.

LLR: George thanks for sharing today.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chris Brady & Launching the Leadership Revolution

The LLR staff tracked down best selling author Chris Brady for discussion on his latest collaboration with Orrin Woodward, Launching the Leadership Revolution. Chris Brady lives a dream lifestyle with homes in Michigan, Florida, and a 160 acre wilderness retreat. Chris and his lovely wife Terri have four beautiful, energetic children and enjoy spending quality time together.

LLR: Chris, tell me what started you and Orrin working on your latest book?

Chris Brady: Orrin and I were staying up late one night at the Peter Island resort. We kept discussing back and forth what leadership was. We could not come up with a definition that didn’t sound like a bunch of buzz words. Finally we decided leadership was both art and science. The next morning we agreed we had to capture our conversation in book form.

LLR: Have you always been so leadership conscious?

Chris Brady: Hardly. I always wanted to achieve my best, but I had no concept of how to do that through helping others. When I started motocross racing I knew I had to prepare, practice and visualize doing my best, but I never understood the art side of leadership. It wasn’t until I started listening to leadership CD’s, reading books, and building a community that I realized how much more there was to learn.

LLR: Can anyone learn the techniques in your book?

Chris Brady: We wrote the book because we are convinced that anyone can become a good leader and if the principles are applied consistently, you can become a great leader. Everything rises and falls on leadership. We have a growing team because we have great leadership. If you are looking at a business, make sure you spend time studying the leadership team as well as the numbers.

LLR: When you first met Orrin was he a great leader?

Chris Brady: Orrin was not a great leader when I first met him; however, he was a great student. This is one of the main points of our new book: that the best students will eventually become the best leaders. You must hunger to learn and grow and that is what Orrin Woodward did with a vengeance. I saw his tenacity and vision and decided to go where he was going and help him get there.

LLR: It sounds like there is a special bond between you and Orrin.

Chris Brady: We have been through many battles, struggles and victories together. In all of our years of working together we have never raised our voice in anger against each other. Character for both of us is extremely important, and I have seen Orrin exhibit character in many trying circumstance. Orrin has earned my respect and I have earned his over the last eleven years of our partnership.

LLR: Any thoughts on doing another book?

Chris Brady: Of course. We are working on a book about thinking. The longer we are in leadership, the more we learn that your thinking makes all the difference. The saying, “it is not what happens to you, but how you handle it,” is so true. People with proper thinking respond to challenging situations by growing in character. People with improper thinking respond to challenging situations by becoming victims and blaming others. Obviously, you are not going to be leadership material if you choose to be a victim.

LLR: Would this explain people who criticize the Team business?

Chris Brady: For some of them it would. I don’t care what happens to you in life, with the proper thinking, you can get through it. Abraham Lincoln said, “Man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” If you change your thinking, you will change your life. That is why Orrin and I have spent our lives helping people to think better. There are two choices in life when bad things happen to you; bitter or better. Winners get better and whiners get bitter. Winners realize failure is personal and analyze what they can do to improve. By accepting responsibility they grow personally and become leaders. Becoming bitter is so dangerous because you deny any responsibility in the situation. With no responsibility to change you are handing your future over to someone or something else, waiting for them to change and blaming your failures on them. What a sad way to live. You have the choice on your responses and your responses create your destiny.

LLR: Chris thanks for sharing.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Launching a Leadership Revolution & Tim Marks

The Leadership staff tracked down jet setter Tim Marks for a one on one interview discussing Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward’s new book, Launching the Leadership Revolution. Tim Marks is a Founders Diamond who qualified diamond in an amazing 31 months from the day he started working with Chris and Orrin. Tim has an incredible lifestyle which includes two dream houses, multiple cars, a beautiful wife and four healthy children.

LLR: Tim what do you account for your incredible speed in building your Team business to diamond?

Tim Marks: In Chris and Orrin’s new book they talk about the Tri-lateral Leadership Ledger. I believe my character and task were strong and I developed relationships through the Team training system.

LLR: The Tri-lateral Leadership Ledger teaches individuals how to grow in Character, Task and Relationships and what you are saying is you had to place your focus on relationships. What was wrong with your relationships?

Tim Marks: Before getting started in the business my nickname was the Viking. I was always a hard worker and accomplished many task, but never made many friends in the process. Chris and Orrin as mentors taught me to enjoy the journey and that you accomplish much more through people. By developing other leaders our business exploded and we found we didn’t have to do all the work. Leadership is about influence and you gain influence by serving your team.

LLR: Why do you think so many people have achieved success on the Team?

Tim Marks: I think Chris and Orrin’s new book spells it out clearly. Everything rises and falls on leadership and Chris and Orrin are two of the best leaders in the country. When I got started on the Team I could not believe all the excitement around Chris and Orrin. It wasn’t until I went to a meeting and heard them speak, that I realized these two had a gift for communication plus the character and vision worth following.

LLR: Character is a key in leadership. Why do you feels so strongly about Chris and Orrin’s character?

Tim Marks: I have been involved in Policy Council meeting with these two for the last three years. I have seen them make decision after decision for the good of the whole Team, not just for their good. I have always worked hard, but it wasn’t until I started mentoring with Chris and Orrin that my results started matching my commitment. Orrin has a statement that I believe sums it all up, “People of integrity expect to be believed and when they are not they let time prove them right.” Chris and Orrin have earned my respect over years of faithful service to their Teams.

LLR: What about people who would criticize Chris and Orrin for being too successful?

Tim Marks: My mom taught me when I was young that every rose has its thorns. There will always be people who envy others success and try to downgrade their business and character. I have had a front row seat in watching Chris and Orrin’s success and I am proud of the success of my friends and thankful that they teach others. The best value in the world is the training system they put together. When I started in this business I was struggling with debt and multiple rental houses for sale. Now I am debt free and securing passive income streams from the experiences and wisdom of Chris and Orrin. Some people make excuse why not and others make reasons why. I chose to be in the latter group and it has made all the difference.

LLR: Tim thanks for stopping by.

Bob McEwen Reviews Launching a Leadership Revolution

Former Ohio Congressman had this to say about the new book from Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward:

"Insightful, impeccably organized, well researched, and the best book on mentoring available anywhere, Launching a Leadership Revolution is exactly the kind of leadership training so desperately needed in this country."

Friday, August 05, 2005

Launching the Leadership Revolution & Larry VanBuskirk

The LLR staff tracked down international business owner Larry VanBuskirk to comment on Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward’s new book, Launching the Leadership Revolution.

LLR: Larry you had been in the MLM field for almost a decade with minimal results and then catapulted to diamond in just over three years. What do you account for your amazing turnaround?

Larry VanBuskirk: That is an easy question. I finally got honest with myself that the information I was using to live my life by was not producing the results I wanted, so I changed the incoming information with the help of Orrin Woodward. Like the saying about computers, garbage in then garbage out and before the Team I was soaking in too much garbage thinking.

LLR: Is that when you started plugging into the Team leadership development system?

Larry VanBuskirk: I utterly sold out to the information that Orrin and the other diamonds were teaching. I realized that I had only myself to blame for my lack of results and decided to get serious and study from the best leaders in the industry. The more I read and listened the more I grew mentally and the more my business grew.

LLR: You make it sound so simple. You listened and applied new information and it changed your results?

Larry VanBuskirk: Simple yes, easy no. If I explained to you how to run a marathon it would be simple, but not easy. Just put one foot in front of the other and repeat many times. I decided to become the most disciplined student of Orrin Woodward. If he could produce the type of results he had, then I could too.

LLR: What do you think of Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward’s new book?

Larry VanBuskirk: Quite simply it is the best leadership book I have ever read. When I first read a draft copy I was taken aback by what I learned about Level 4 leadership. I realized I still had a long way to go to fulfill my leadership potential. Leadership is a lifelong journey and no matter how much you grow and change there is still so much more you can do.

LLR: Larry, you were a successful business owner prior to joining the Team. What could you possibly learn from two younger business owners?

Larry VanBuskirk: Age has very little to do with success. Wisdom has much to do with success. Anyone can spout off opinions, but it takes true wisdom to get results in a chosen field. I learned long ago to disregard the opinions of non-achievers and to follow the proven winners. Orrin and Chris are proven winners in their field and have revolutionized the whole industry. I will follow these guys because they have proven their integrity, character and results over time.

LLR: How are you using Launching the Leadership Revolution?

Larry VanBuskirk: I am teaching through the five levels, the art and science of leadership. I have never seen the leadership development process described so clearly and understandably before. This book gives a roadmap for young leaders how to develop into leaders of character and influence. I feel this book will have a big impact on my business and will develop the next generation of leaders for any organization that applies the principles taught.

LLR: Larry, thanks for stopping by and sharing.