Monday, May 17, 2010

The Wealth Found in Reading Good Books

I read this article this morning from the Jim Rohn site and found it to be yet another independent endorsement of just how important a system of personal development like the Team System really is.  I know Orrin Woodward has always put such a premium value on reading with the specific intent of learning.  Orrin has always taught to read in search of finding a few practical nuggets and to put them into practice immediately.  It's the best way to take ownership of those traits and get the most from the lessons and experience the author has to offer you.  after reading the short article below, I would suggest reading the Learning For Life article written by Orrin some time ago that offers a great sampling of certain lessons that good books offer each of us.  I snapped a quick photo of the current reading books on my desk right now.  I happened to pick up 5 autographed leadership books at a local bookstore.  Now, it's time to get mining in search of the gold that lies within them in order to tap into the gold of the potential that lies with ourselves.  Happy reading!  Happy mining!

Knowledge Resources: Books -by Denis Waitley

Why do fewer than 10 percent of the public buy and read nonfiction books? One reason is that many would rather get home than get ahead. They are motivated to get by and get pulled along by the company, the economy or the government.

Another reason is that many individuals believe that information found in books, computer programs and training sessions has no value in the business world. How self-deluding!

As the new tools of productivity become the Internet, the DVD,direct digital download of text, audio and video, and the combination of the interactive computer with telecommunications, the people who know how to control the new technologies will acquire power, while those who thought that education ends with the diploma are destined for low-paying, low-satisfaction jobs. In almost the blink of an eye, our society has passed from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Era.

Increase your reading by 100 percent. Decrease your television watching, and that of any children in your family, by 50 percent. Surf the Internet and subscribe to book summaries, or download free chapters from different sources. By reading book summaries, you can gain the essence of all the top business books in a very brief period of time.

Action Idea: Read at least one book each month, and listen to at least one additional audio book during your commute or downtime. One of the best sources for business audio books online is

All kinds of reading and listening to fiction and nonfiction will increase your vocabulary and writing and presentation skills. Incredibly, a mere 3,500 words separate the average person from those with superior vocabularies.

Keep a dictionary beside you when you read and look up every word you don’t fully understand. Doing that on the spot helps make those words part of your vocabulary forever. And don’t depend on your computer’s spell checker for your spelling. Not all e-mail service includes spell check. Also, you maybe called upon to write longhand notes, memos, or information on whiteboards or black boards at meetings. You not only want to use the right words, you also will want to spell them correctly.

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