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Orrin Woodward Scams, Coercion, And Network Marketing- Part 2

In the second part of Orrin Woodward's review of Scams and Networking, Orrin reviews personal responsibility and the victim mentality. What a pertinent essay considering the current state of our country. I suggest we reprint this and float leaflets of this information over the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters. This is nothing short of fantastic information on how to succeed in today's world, something that isn't taught in any learning institutions but should be!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Robert Kiyosaki - author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad

Network marketing teaches basic, critical life skills. It teaches people how to overcome their fears, how to communicate, and how to handle rejection and maintain persistence. This kind of education is absolutely priceless. Here’s what I tell people: “Even if you don’t like it, stay with it for five years and you’ll be better equipped to survive in the real world of business. And you’ll be a better person.” The people who are successful in network marketing have a spiritual cause. They genuinely want to help better others’ lives. If you don’t have that, if you just want a paycheck, then work for the post office!

Success isn’t easy, but then again, neither is failure

When people call the entire Network Marketing profession a scam, merely because they didn’t succeed, it demonstrates their lack of understanding of scams and personal responsibility. No one should teach that success in Networking is easy, since it’s not, but failure certainly isn’t easy either. Malcolm Gladwell, a best selling author, teaches that success in any field requires 10,000 hours of diligent study and action. Anything less, and that person is still an amateur in his profession. For someone to try Networking for several years, and then state it’s a scam, is simply a version of Aesop’s fables, sour grapes from an amateur fox who couldn’t reach the desired fruit. For example, in high school, I wrestled in many tournaments. I could not of imagined any wrestler calling the tournament a scam because he didn’t receive a medal. The sour grapes wrestler would have been laughed out of the arena, since many do not win medals, not having at that moment, learned the skills and put in the hours to win at a tournament level.

Seth Godin is author of the New York Times bestsellers The Dip and Tribes

Network marketing works when it’s not about you. It works when it is about the customer. Not sort of about the customer as a way of helping you, not kinda about the customer when you imagine how they could act like you and become part of your downline. No, it works when it is generous and transparent and true. If someone buys from you because they are a friend or because it’s easier than avoiding you, that’s not about the customer. Here’s my dream for you: find a product and a price and a story that people choose to seek out. Discover a niche that people would miss if it disappeared. Offer an experience that’s about more than money, more than making a living and more than recruiting a new salesperson. When you bring joy and utility and trust to people (at a fair price), they’ll embrace you.

Anonymous Victims Online

In today’s society, people can write anonymously about their victimization, crying about their lack of results, claiming to be scammed from the Networkers (better wrestlers) who kicked their butts in free enterprise, while the victims claim it was rigged against them, even though others seem to be winning while they are whining. If someone felt they were hurt, why not seek out the leaders of the company or community for resolution? Doesn’t this sound like the right thing, not to mention the honorable thing to do? Rather than post anonymously, hiding their identities as well as their real motives, assaulting the reputations of people that they don’t personally know, why not call the community leaders or the company to get the issue resolved? This is why anonymous blog postings hold no value with me. If someone doesn't feel strong enough about his opinion to state his real name, then why should I give his opinion any credence at all? Any reputable company would serve the customer in a heartbeat. I have personally been involved in several customer issues myself over the years, and they were amicably resolved. I believe in customer satisfaction and have grown my business through the application of this principle consistently. In fact, the TEAM initiated a email help system, similar to Amazon's, to ensure all issues are resolved promptly. If anyone leaves the TEAM unhappy, it wasn’t through lack of concern, but through lack of interest by the customer to address. Perhaps, the real reason that many post in Networking are anonymous, postings that act as if they are upset at the company, are because they are from competitors, not real customers. These are the bottom feeders of Networking, the parasite marketers, who, believing in a win-lose scarcity mentality, blatantly attack one company’s reputation for the alleged benefits supplied to their current company. Sadly, this egregious behavior happens often, leading to much of the negative written online. When the perceived opportunity for gain exceeds the applied character of those involved, parasite marketing will typically occur.
Orrin Woodward


Rob Crichlow said...

Thanks Orrin for staying the course and leading the way. LIFE is positively impacting peoples lives. This is going to be a great year!

Rob Crichlow said...

Thanks Orrin for staying the cources and making LIFE a reality. This is going to be a great year!