Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It looks like the International Association of Businesses has discovered what many of us have known and what we were reminded of this past weekend in St. Louis at the Team Winter Leadership Convention- that Orrin Woodward is a leader of leaders. 

The International Association of Businesses is a non profit corporation to help and assist small businesses start, grow and effectively create jobs in the US.   Their website link and a recent post listing the the 2010 Top 10 Leadership Website Awards is below.


International Association of Businesses highlights the following website nominations in contention for the 2010 TOP 10 LEADERSHIP WEBSITE AWARDS!

The Top 10 represent  the “Cream of the Crop” and apply their own leadership principals to achieve both qualitative and quantitave results in their own organization.  They also develop and influence leaders and leadership throughout American businesses.

As you send back your nominations to iabusa@yahoo.com, please consider the following:
- Originality of ideas
- Practicality of ideas
- Presentation style
- International outlook
- Impact of ideas
- Quality of web content, publications and writings
- Ranking of website in US and International

The Top 10 Leadership Websites include:
www.jimcollins.com : Jim Collins
www.giantimpact.com : John Maxwell
www.stephencovey.com : Stephen Covey
www.kenblanchard.com : Ken Blanchard
www.robinsharma.com : Robin Sharma
www.marshallgoldsmith.com : Marshall Goldsmith
www.tompeters.com : Tom Peters
www.tonyrobbins.com : Anthony Robbins
www.straightfromthegut.com : Jack Welch
www.orrinwoodward.com : Orrin Woodward

Again, for additional entries and submissions, please send name, website
and why you think this person should be considered part of the
Top 10 Leadership Websites to: iabusa@yahoo.com.


Shane said...

We are excited that Orrin Woodward is nominated for the 2010 Top 10 Leadership Website Awards and wish you all the best!

International Association of Businesses Nomination Panel