Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Orrin Woodward Live on the Home Business Radio Show with Tom Chenault

Hear Orrin Woodward interviewed by Tom Chenault on the Home Business Radio Show.  Listen to Orrin discuss leadership, personal responsibility, character, integrity, free enterprise and the opportunities before us today. 

Here are just a few of the nuggets shared in the short radio interview:
No matter how good you are at anything, you’re only as good as you are worth following. People buy into who you are before they buy into anything else. 
Hear Orrin discuss why the Team organization is such a strong organization.  It is because Team members are more focused and more driven than most other organizations.  It’s a result of the culture created on the Team.  Great things happen when people buy into a grand vision and begin moving in the same direction toward that vision.  The team culture aligns people’s visions and activity for maximum results.  They create that flow and that momentum that creates the results that each person is after.  That culture creates the focus and action to produce consistent results and the leader sets the tone of the group- the leader creates the culture. The compounded effect is big-time results.
The speed of the group is the speed of the leader.

Orrin’s blog is top-notch on so many things- politics, freedom, leadership, making a difference beginning with ourself.
America was founded on personal accountability.  There was no government to get a hand out from back then.  It was created with the dreams and efforts of the American people.  Our dreams & ideas are the new frontiers.

Network marketing is the greatest model of free enterprise because no one gets paid based on title.  Everyone starts at zero with the unlimited potential to build a business to whatever level they are willing to lead themselves and to lead others.   
Real leadership has nothing to do with titles. It has everything to do with service to others.  

 Launching a Leadership Revolution is perhaps the best foundational beginning and strategy to implement the development of your own personal leadership and that of your organization.  
Hunger is the driving force behind any significant success. The real foundation of all leadership is being a hungry student.  It’s more than just showing up.  In your own business, your pay raise becomes effective when you do.

Every one of us had the ability to transcend yourself to become the person worthy of following.  The effort to succeed closes the gap between success and a lack of it.  

Tom Chenault commented that the vision and impact of Team will effect the whole world.  That the whole idea of culture is so powerful.

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