Friday, August 05, 2005

Launching the Leadership Revolution & Larry VanBuskirk

The LLR staff tracked down international business owner Larry VanBuskirk to comment on Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward’s new book, Launching the Leadership Revolution.

LLR: Larry you had been in the MLM field for almost a decade with minimal results and then catapulted to diamond in just over three years. What do you account for your amazing turnaround?

Larry VanBuskirk: That is an easy question. I finally got honest with myself that the information I was using to live my life by was not producing the results I wanted, so I changed the incoming information with the help of Orrin Woodward. Like the saying about computers, garbage in then garbage out and before the Team I was soaking in too much garbage thinking.

LLR: Is that when you started plugging into the Team leadership development system?

Larry VanBuskirk: I utterly sold out to the information that Orrin and the other diamonds were teaching. I realized that I had only myself to blame for my lack of results and decided to get serious and study from the best leaders in the industry. The more I read and listened the more I grew mentally and the more my business grew.

LLR: You make it sound so simple. You listened and applied new information and it changed your results?

Larry VanBuskirk: Simple yes, easy no. If I explained to you how to run a marathon it would be simple, but not easy. Just put one foot in front of the other and repeat many times. I decided to become the most disciplined student of Orrin Woodward. If he could produce the type of results he had, then I could too.

LLR: What do you think of Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward’s new book?

Larry VanBuskirk: Quite simply it is the best leadership book I have ever read. When I first read a draft copy I was taken aback by what I learned about Level 4 leadership. I realized I still had a long way to go to fulfill my leadership potential. Leadership is a lifelong journey and no matter how much you grow and change there is still so much more you can do.

LLR: Larry, you were a successful business owner prior to joining the Team. What could you possibly learn from two younger business owners?

Larry VanBuskirk: Age has very little to do with success. Wisdom has much to do with success. Anyone can spout off opinions, but it takes true wisdom to get results in a chosen field. I learned long ago to disregard the opinions of non-achievers and to follow the proven winners. Orrin and Chris are proven winners in their field and have revolutionized the whole industry. I will follow these guys because they have proven their integrity, character and results over time.

LLR: How are you using Launching the Leadership Revolution?

Larry VanBuskirk: I am teaching through the five levels, the art and science of leadership. I have never seen the leadership development process described so clearly and understandably before. This book gives a roadmap for young leaders how to develop into leaders of character and influence. I feel this book will have a big impact on my business and will develop the next generation of leaders for any organization that applies the principles taught.

LLR: Larry, thanks for stopping by and sharing.