Monday, August 08, 2005

Launching a Leadership Revolution & Tim Marks

The Leadership staff tracked down jet setter Tim Marks for a one on one interview discussing Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward’s new book, Launching the Leadership Revolution. Tim Marks is a Founders Diamond who qualified diamond in an amazing 31 months from the day he started working with Chris and Orrin. Tim has an incredible lifestyle which includes two dream houses, multiple cars, a beautiful wife and four healthy children.

LLR: Tim what do you account for your incredible speed in building your Team business to diamond?

Tim Marks: In Chris and Orrin’s new book they talk about the Tri-lateral Leadership Ledger. I believe my character and task were strong and I developed relationships through the Team training system.

LLR: The Tri-lateral Leadership Ledger teaches individuals how to grow in Character, Task and Relationships and what you are saying is you had to place your focus on relationships. What was wrong with your relationships?

Tim Marks: Before getting started in the business my nickname was the Viking. I was always a hard worker and accomplished many task, but never made many friends in the process. Chris and Orrin as mentors taught me to enjoy the journey and that you accomplish much more through people. By developing other leaders our business exploded and we found we didn’t have to do all the work. Leadership is about influence and you gain influence by serving your team.

LLR: Why do you think so many people have achieved success on the Team?

Tim Marks: I think Chris and Orrin’s new book spells it out clearly. Everything rises and falls on leadership and Chris and Orrin are two of the best leaders in the country. When I got started on the Team I could not believe all the excitement around Chris and Orrin. It wasn’t until I went to a meeting and heard them speak, that I realized these two had a gift for communication plus the character and vision worth following.

LLR: Character is a key in leadership. Why do you feels so strongly about Chris and Orrin’s character?

Tim Marks: I have been involved in Policy Council meeting with these two for the last three years. I have seen them make decision after decision for the good of the whole Team, not just for their good. I have always worked hard, but it wasn’t until I started mentoring with Chris and Orrin that my results started matching my commitment. Orrin has a statement that I believe sums it all up, “People of integrity expect to be believed and when they are not they let time prove them right.” Chris and Orrin have earned my respect over years of faithful service to their Teams.

LLR: What about people who would criticize Chris and Orrin for being too successful?

Tim Marks: My mom taught me when I was young that every rose has its thorns. There will always be people who envy others success and try to downgrade their business and character. I have had a front row seat in watching Chris and Orrin’s success and I am proud of the success of my friends and thankful that they teach others. The best value in the world is the training system they put together. When I started in this business I was struggling with debt and multiple rental houses for sale. Now I am debt free and securing passive income streams from the experiences and wisdom of Chris and Orrin. Some people make excuse why not and others make reasons why. I chose to be in the latter group and it has made all the difference.

LLR: Tim thanks for stopping by.