Tuesday, August 16, 2005

George Guzzardo & Launching the Leadership Revolution

The LLR staff tracked down international traveler George Guzzardo for some insights into what makes this super achiever tick. George and his beautiful wife Jill have two houses one in Wisconsin and the other in Michigan. George & Jill have built one of the larger businesses on the Team and have revolutionized their financial position. George previously was a physical therapist and Jill was a registered nurse, but now both are full time in their own Team business.

LLR: You have accomplished great things in this business. Were you always a high achiever?

George Guzzardo: I almost flunked out of high school. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart, but I was always getting distracted into trouble. It wasn’t until I had bounced around for a while that I got serious and after some work finally qualified for college.

LLR: What would you account for your financial independence today?

George Guzzardo: That is an easy one. When I met Orrin Woodward he was no more financially successful than I was, but after seeing his lifestyle change I decided he wasn’t going there alone. I had to listen to many CD’s and read many books to get my thinking right, but for the rewards I have today I would do twice as much work for half as much a financial reward.

LLR: It doesn’t sound like things were easy for you. How did you handle the setbacks?

George Guzzardo: It wasn’t always easy, but nothing great is achieved in life easy. We made many mistakes and had many people tell us we would never make it. I just stayed focused on where we were going and was honest enough to admit that I didn’t have any alternatives to getting out of my job. The more people told me I couldn’t do this, the more stubborn I became to prove them wrong.

LLR: What are some of the rewards you have enjoyed in this business?

George Guzzardo: First, Jill and I became Christians in this business. Second, we have been blessed with many wonderful friends in this business who will be friends for life. Third, we paid off a mountain of debt and now enjoy a cash lifestyle. Fourth, the mentorship we have through Orrin and Laurie Woodward. If I could wrap up just one day of freedom and give it to anyone willing to accept responsibility, they would never be satisfied with their job again.

LLR: Where do you see the Team going?

George Guzzardo: We as a Team want to help people accept responsibility for the situations and learn the tools to change their lives. I see the Team playing a part in the restoration of American values and people taking pride again in the leaders of our great country. I have decided to play my part in making a difference and show this plan in the hope of helping others change their lives like this business has changed ours.

LLR: How did you get your amazing vision?

George Guzzardo: I hung around the Team leaders who have incredible vision. I began reading enthusiastically when I realized that reading would help me expand my thinking like it had for them. I read more books in a month now than I used to in several years. If you will discipline yourself to do the uncomfortable things today, you will live comfortably with your results in the future.

LLR: George thanks for sharing today.